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Beetee celebrates District 3 in a multi-colored, wire-like plaid vest and paneled slacks. 

Black nerd alert!


Beetee celebrates District 3 in a multi-colored, wire-like plaid vest and paneled slacks. 

Black nerd alert!

TeeFury has a Hunger Games shirt today. The Limited Edition Cheap T-Shirt, Gone in 24hours! | TeeFury)

TeeFury has a Hunger Games shirt today. The Limited Edition Cheap T-Shirt, Gone in 24hours! | TeeFury)



Last night we asked AAR to play Move Along and they kept teasing the audience with just the first few notes, but it sounded like a canon going off so amanda and I were like “A TRIBUTE JUST DIED.” and then we were like


Very amusing. For fans with a sense of humor.

Peeta, you should have taken it to her.

Pita Mellark singing Dynamite

Peeta, you should have taken it to her.


Pita Mellark singing Dynamite

The Hunger Games ALL the things. Cinna cracked me up.

The Hunger Games ALL the things. Cinna cracked me up.

Have you got a particular skill that people might not know about? (x)

How The Hunger Games Righted a Musical Wrong

The story behind the music at the first cornucopia scene in the Arena.

In addition to suffering from the persistent sexism of the music world—in the orchestra scene, women composers are still rarely commissioned—Spiegel has been the victim of straight-up theft, too


I had somehow missed this. It’s pretty awesome.



Theseus and the Minotaur.

Am I doing it right?

I’m getting a little sick of all these “OMG Teh Hungar Games ripped off Battle Royale” posts.

Yes, the two books/movies share a common theme in that teenagers are placed into an arena and forced to kill each by the government….


I am really, really tired of the “BR >HG” and “HG IS JUST A RIPOFF” posts, and I’m getting angry about it. So I’m not going to be nearly as eloquent as Cadet was.

First off, if you prefer Battle Royale over the Hunger Games because BR did the violence better, you’re missing the fucking point of the Hunger Games.

Second, I don’t understand why BR fans are being so alienating and combative. You have a chance to introduce fans who you already know like dystopian themes to your beloved, 10-year-old book/movie/manga, but instead of being welcoming, you’re being an asshole about it and posting in every HG-related thread you can find that it’s just a rip-off of Battle Royale. That’s not going to get a lot of people interested in the property, especially since they’re already settled in and comfortable with the people in the HG fandom.

Third, I don’t understand why BR fans are being so dismissive of a book series that gives young women a character to identify with whose life doesn’t revolve around her boyfriend.Katniss is her family’s primary caregiver; she has more to worry about than what Peeta or Gale think of her, which is why she’s so overwhelmed and uncomfortable when she has to confront their feelings. She embodies stereotypically male traits and behavior, providing an alternative role model to Bella Swan. (And isn’t everyone always saying that they wished there was an alternative to Bella for girls to look up to?)

One of the differences between the HG and BR is that The Hunger Games trilogy is told entirely from a female teenager’s point of view. Is the SINGLE thematic similarity to BR so important that Katniss’s point of view and story don’t matter? Is that similarity important enough that young women should be constantly shouted down that their favorite series is an “inferior rip-off” to a book whose main character is male? Because that’s one of the conclusions I’m starting to draw—-that defending BR is more important than allowing young women the chance to see a strong, teen female protagonist on the big screen. (Hollywood’s general hostility to female-led action movies is also influencing my feelings about this.)

Overall, though, the best explanation I can come up with is just that the obnoxiously vocal Battle Royale fans are butthurt that their 10-year-old property still hasn’t garnered more than a cult following. So they’re taking it out on Hunger Games fans.

YUP, that book is definitely going in my “to read” pile. With a fandom like that, what’s not to love? :\

She has bright, dark, eyes and satiny brown skin and stands tilted up on her toes with her arms slightly extended to her sides, as if ready to take wing at the slightest sound. It’s impossible not to think of a bird. I pick up another spear while Peeta throws. “I think her name’s Rue,” he says softly.

The Gospel According to “Fuck You, Racist Hunger Games Fans Why Is This Even an Issue” (via boooo-radley)


I’ve spent about an hour reading and shaking my head at all the fail. Too many readers thought Rue was white. Worse, some were ANGRY she was cast as a black girl, because it wasn’t what they had imagined. >_>

"The Hunger Games" movie review (SPOILERS!)


I’m going to start my review with a complaint levied against the folks in my theatre. People were cheering when Thresh bashed Clove’s head in. Which…let’s just move past the point where people find joy in a boy assaulting a girl so badly that she hemorrhages and dies. Clove was a mean-spirited bully, there’s no doubt about that. But she’s also what society made her. Her society put her in a ring with 23 other people and told her only one of them could survive; was she supposed to think of them as friends? Sure, she joined the gang of Careers to start with—which although cowardly also literally prolonged her life. She’s not that much different than Katniss who, although made of stronger caliber, also committed to killing people for her own survival. Thresh killed Clove and spared Katniss because of Rue (and Clove, it should be noted, did not kill Rue,) but if it was down to him and Rue and only one could survive, wouldn’t he kill her as well? If not, then she’d be the only one he’d be willing to sacrifice himself for.

The main failing of people getting caught up in rooting for kids in this game is that they missed the entire damn point of the series. The point is that all of these kids are unwilling sacrifices to a despotic regime. Even those who choose to embrace it do so because they know they have no choice. Their trial is quite literally a fight for survival, and yes, I can get why people would favor Katniss and Peeta and Rue more than Clove and Cato; we’re in their heads and they’re the underdogs. But that doesn’t make what the Careers are facing any less harrowing.

It’s so very similar to all of the drama with ASOIAF, except that GRRM puts us in everybody’s heads. He wanted to prove that no character was purely good or evil; everyone has valid motivations and shades of grey. But of course, some fan boys can’t see it like that, and desperate to pin “the blame” on someone, they often pick “the weakest” targets. Just as THG viewers have bought into the reality show, ASOIAF fanboys buy into the Machiavellian nature of Westeros, forsaking compassion and ignoring any and all evidence that points to the complexities in all characters.

Not to say that there aren’t characters in both stories who shoulder some blame. But when casting lots for who’s most responsible, it’s not usually the folks on the front lines. It’s the schemers in back, silent and with the least to lose, who are controlling the games. The point of these horrors, people, is to pay attention to the strings.

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Re: chavalahh’s review:

I so agree about the people cheering when Thresh bashed Clove’s head in! It happened in my theater too and I was shocked that people would actually applaud this scene. I thought I’d be relieved when it happened, but it made me sad, only just for a second because then the crowed cheered and I stopped being sad to think WTF people?

"They never did explain the mockingjay pin"— yeah, totally forgot about that. They could even have had Not Greasy Sae Hob Lady say something about how the rebellion had something to do with it to give it a real meaning. They must be saving that for the sequel. It has to come out at some point!

Paula Malcomson (Amanda Graystone from Caprica!) was totally underused but of course Katniss’ mom never had a big role in book one. No spoilers for the other books- let’s just say she’ll have more lines later on. :)

Cato’s final speech to me was out of place. Or out of character really. This was the perfect kind of thing for Peeta to say after the Arena when the Capitol cameras weren’t rolling. Peeta’s “gift for words” thing that the movie didn’t exploit irked me. Plus I barely understood Cato and only later read what he said online.

"the Careers, for all their training, seem to suck" Yeah, they did in the books too but that at least was explained by how well fed and sheltered they had been. They weren’t used to hardship and hunger and didn’t learn to hunt for food. They were interested more in weapons during training, not in things like camouflage and knots. But since in the movie nobody seemed to get hungry, the point was lost.

If anybody is interested, my own review of the film here.